Annual Suites & Boxes

Key Features


Private Suites

  • Entertain up to 20 of your most valued clients and colleagues in your own Private Suite
  • Enclosed, air-conditioned entertaining area
  • External balcony match seating
  • Tailored food and beverage options available
  • Opportunity to theme and brand your Private Suite
  • Ability to utilise your suite on non-match days for meetings and presentations
  • Two (2) SCG Trust Corporate Executive cards 


Open Boxes

  • Entertain 8 guests in your Private Open Air Box
  • Conveniently located on Level 4 of the Brewongle and Churchill Stand
  • Tailored food and beverage options available
  • Company box signage 


 For more information please contact SCG Hospitality on (02) 9009 6446 or complete the enquiry form below.